Other SaaS Platforms

Other SaaS Platforms

Different horses for different courses

Released: 28 March, 2018

There's a wide variety of SaaS platforms that may meet some, or all, of your existing requirements. Basic sites have many choices but options narrow considerably as you get higher up the complexity chain. The options mentioned here are by no means a definitive list and everyone's needs will be different.  I am presently shortlisting options that best meet your individual requirements and will present these directly to you very soon

Platforms for Basic Content Sites:    Webflow, Weebly, Duda, Wix, Light CMS, Squarespace; (and many others)

Platforms for Blog Sites:    Disqus (there's others but Disqus is the better blogging choice if blogging is the primary purpose of your website).

Basic E Commerce:   Webflow, Weebly, Duda, Light CMS, Shopify, Big Commerce, Synergy 8,

Advanced Ecommerce:   Shopify, BigCommerce  (Some advanced or custom BC's Ecommerce capabilities may not be available in these platforms)

Large Multi function sites  Webflow (maybe); Weebly (maybe); Duda (maybe); Synergy 8

Real Estate:  Property Suite, ReView. 

Member generated listings directories:  (Researching) Synergy 8 (maybe) 

Trading Portals: (Researching).

UPDATE:  7-April-2018
Research teams in the Partner Community have been analysing alternative SaaS CMS platforms to compare feature-for-feature ability and ease of migration. Reporting is still coming in and a further round of deeper analysis is needed before we can publish definitive recommendations.  However, there's a pattern emerging with 4 platforms currently singled out for the next round. These are...

We are engaging directly with these platforms to get a look under the hood and to assess..
  • how we might work together;  
  • viability to add missing features; 
  • possible migration methods 
  • anything else to assist BC site owners.   

These efforts are running parallel to the development teams building alternate platforms for direct BC migration with full feature capability. The collective goals, combined efforts and cooperation in the BC Partner community is continuing to see rapid progress on all fronts.