Adobe BC: End-of-life | 26 Mar 2021


from BC to AD

Released: 31-Mar-2018
The following video is a webinar presentation from Adam Broadway to introduce the wider BC community to platform OS.  While it is not intended to be a public introduction I believe it touches on a wide range of topics that you will find extremely valuable including..

  • Greater insight to BC and Adobe and the situation upon us; 
  • The paradigm of Web Services and how this changes the way business is being conducted; 
  • The capabilities of Adam's "many-to-many" marketplace model;  
  • Putting AI to work on your SEO 
  • The Vision for PlatformOS and the current state of play
  • and a great deal more.

It's not brief, but well worth taking the time if you want to get a firm view of the future of online business and commerce. 

(note: PlatformOS is one of 3 backend system presently being explored for integration with a new front-end site admin layer.  It's early days so it's important to understand that the info being shared is all subject to change as the situation and the solutions evolve. I will endeavour to keep you up to date as best as possible).

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